Best Places To Visit In Europe In November

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November

The fall season is a time of year that brings with it the many colors of change. It’s the perfect time to visit Europe! The temperature is just right for exploring and enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and wine tasting and traveling in general. It may be too cold to swim in the ocean, but you can still sunbathe on some of Europe’s finest beaches or take a sailboat out and enjoy the waves. This article will give you a list of the best places to visit in Europe in November along with a few insider tips.

What Makes Europe So Great?

There are so many things that make Europe great like its rich history and culture, beautiful landscapes full of breathtaking scenery, and ancient cities with preserved buildings dating back to the medieval era. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular continents to visit.

Europe offers a little bit of everything if you know where to look. From history and art to wine tasting, nature tours, sports activities, or even something as simple as enjoying a relaxing walk through the park. AND they have some of the best chocolate in the world! Need we say more?

Europe is home to many popular tourist attractions, including museums like the Louvre and natural wonders such as Mont Blanc. There are no shortages of things to do during your trip!

There’s no better time than now to visit Europe and be a part of its culture. Take some friends and travel together for an unforgettable experience. You will never forget about the things you have seen, done, and eaten during your time there!

Traveling to Europe gives you a chance to experience a culture other than your own. Visit museums, ancient castles, and famous landmarks like the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower. Europe has so many well-preserved treasures from all of its history.

Whatever your style, you can find the perfect European holiday for you. There are so many great places to visit in Europe that it is hard to decide where to go and what to see. Go on a romantic vacation with your significant other or take the kids on an adventure through history.

Take home some souvenirs from France, Germany, Spain or Italy. Or you can just enjoy making memories. The experiences will last a lifetime!

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November: Paris France
Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris is a very popular choice for travelers in Europe because of its many attractions and culture. November is a great time to explore this beautiful city with so much culture because the weather will be milder but not too cold-ish, although it will get dark early because winter is coming.

If you want to explore the museums in Paris, then visiting this time of year would be perfect! The Lourve, Orsay Museum, or the Musee d’Orsay would be a great choice. You will love strolling down the streets of Paris admiring their architecture, sculptures, and beautiful parks.

There’s nothing like taking in a little culture by visiting one of the museums in Paris! With over 120 museums on offer for you to visit during your stay, you will be sure to find something that interests you.

And of course, you have to get some chocolate! There are many places in Paris where you can buy delicious French pastries or chocolates for your loved ones back home. It is a decadent treat that’s worth every bite!

The Louvre

If you love art, then you’re in for an experience of a lifetime. The Louvre is one of the most popular museums to visit when in Paris.

The history and beauty of this museum are indescribable! The walls are covered with beautiful paintings and impressive sculptures that will leave your jaw hanging! If you love art, then don’t miss out on this museum. It’s a must-see!

The Louvre is home to one of the most important art collections in the world including Egyptian artifacts, Renaissance paintings from Leonardo da Vinci and even Monet’s Water Lilies.

For those who don’t think they’re into art or stuffy-looking ancient buildings, there is an endless amount of other things to do in November. You can go on a food tour and eat some delicious treats, or visit the Sacre Coeur which is an amazing church with beautiful paintings.

The Montmartre neighborhood is also very pretty during the fall. There are cafes located here where artists used to meet and sketch everything in sight. Maybe you’d like to buy a postcard with a cat on it from one of the small nearby shops.

If you’re more into sports, then you can go for a run around Luxembourg Garden or take your bike out and explore the sights. The parks are beautiful in Paris when it’s fall because they are full of colorful leaves.

There you have it! Some very fun, interesting, and unique things to do in Paris during November. You can even go on a day trip to Versailles, which is a palace that the French royalty used to live in before they got rid of their monarchy in France. It’s really beautiful and worth seeing at least once.


November in Paris is one of the best times to visit because it’s not too cold, but it also gets dark earlier. Also, because November is a slow month, you might find that the Parisians are slightly less busy than usual.

The temperatures will be in the 60’s during the day and 50’s at night. The sun will come out in time for your morning walk around in the parks or to see some of the most famous attractions like Notre Dame Cathedral.


There are many ways to experience culture in Paris, France other than just visiting the museums. You could enjoy a traditional French meal at one of the famous cafes like Aux Lyonnais or Le Jules Verne. One of the best things to do during November in Paris is to visit the cat-filled Montmartre neighborhood and see all of the painters’ studios where they used to draw their work on display outside. Another option is going for a jog near Luxembourg Garden, and if you want to get your adrenaline pumping, take home a bike and ride it through town. With so much available in this great city full of culture, there is no way that you won’t be able to find an activity that interests you!


There are many things to do in November in Paris, France. There are lots of different types of museums and monuments you can see. One that truly awe-inspiring is the Arc de Triomphe which is a gorgeous arch modeled after the famous Roman pillars. In front of it, there’s even a Champs Elysee that is surrounded by shops and cafes.

The Eiffel Tower is another famous attraction in Paris that you can visit. Many people see this tower on television or postcards, but it’s even more magnificent in person! This is the perfect spot for a romantic stroll with someone new because there is always something special about seeing the city skyline while surrounded by love. The view is spectacular, and you’ll be sure to fall in love with Paris.

If you want something a little more energetic, go visit the Lourve Museum! The building itself is impressive (it’s the largest museum in the whole world), but what’s even better are all of the paintings and sculptures inside. There are so many beautiful things to see, it’s hard to believe that they’re real! It will be something you’ll never forget.

Paris is full of many places to visit during November, France, so whether you’re more into history or art, there’s something for everyone. If you love shopping and want a truly French experience then maybe the Champs Elysee is your best bet. There are also many other shops, parks, museums and cafes that you can visit if you enjoy staying active.

Whether you’re into art or history it will be easy for you to find something in Paris during this time of year. The weather is perfect, and it’s still not too cold. There are also not as many tourists around as there might be in the summer. If you’re thinking about visiting Paris then this would be a great time to do so!

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November: Berlin Germany
Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has so many things to offer that it would almost impossible not to find something new and unforgettable during your trip. With art galleries, amazing architecture, and romantic attractions everywhere, you’re bound to get even more excited and grateful for visiting its capital.


If you want to visit Berlin in November, then this is the perfect season as the temperature will be about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You would get to experience how lit up this city can be for Christmas time as well! This makes it one of the best places to visit in Europe in November.


For those who love culture but also like their nightlife, Berlin offers a place where there are never too many boring moments; it lives up to its nickname of “The Funky Town.” You can go on both day and night trips whether they involve food or shopping.

Berlin is also known for being the party capital of Europe, which means that you can dance your heart out in one of its techno clubs or go to a lounge where you can enjoy some nice cocktails. If you’re into art, check out the Berlin Police Museum; it’s very interesting and won’t cost you much. You could also go on day trips to Potsdam or Dresden with friends, which are two historic places nearby.

For those who like the outdoors, you can go for a walk in one of the many parks in Berlin. You could see some of your favorite celebrities while you’re there since this is where many international movies and music videos are filmed.

If you want to go shopping, Berlin has everything that you could ever imagine! You can find anything from vintage clothing to haute couture. If you like modern architecture and art, then check out Mitte, which is the best neighborhood in this city for finding cool cafes and restaurants.

As you can see, there are never boring moments in Berlin, Germany! The city offers a lot of fun and interesting things to do no only during November, but for the other 11 months of the year. If you love history and good times with your friends while experiencing new cultures and art, then it’s worth visiting this amazing city.


The sights in Berlin are amazing and it’s easy to find something new every time you visit here again. Start your trip by visiting places like Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag building, which have a lot of history attached to them. Take in the artistry during your trip by going to museums and churches. For shopping lovers, Berlin has many amazing discount shops like KaDeWe; you could have so much fun there without spending too much money!

For people who love the nightlife, try visiting places like Le Noir or Berghain. These clubs play techno music with a club vibe that will get you dancing and enjoying yourself!

First-time visitors to Berlin should visit places like Potsdamer Platz, where there are expensive shops and cafes as well as the Sony Center which has a luxurious interior design. For those who want to be close to nature for the day, then visit Tiergarten National Park; you won’t find anything more peaceful and beautiful.

There are so many museums in Berlin as well from art museums to science museums. If you want to just be by yourself, then try the Berlin Cathedral; it’s beautiful and calming to sit by yourself.

The sites in Berlin are amazing and there are so many choices that you’ll surely not regret your visit!

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November: Munich Germany
Munich Germany

Munich, Germany


If you want to visit Munich in November, then this is a perfect time as that means it’s fall! This would be an awesome city to visit during this time of year because the temperature will be about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. You can enjoy how beautiful Munich can be with all of its lit-up Christmas lights.


During the day, you can enjoy the outdoors in Munich as there are many parks that you can go to. Go see museums like Pinakotheken or take a walk through beautiful streets and venues like Nymphenburg Palace. If you love art then make sure to visit Lenbachhaus; it’s a fantastic building that was built in 1906.

Churches are also a must-see when visiting Munich. You should go to the Frauenkirche, which is located in Altstadt (Old Town); this church was built in 1468! The best part about it is that you can go up to its tower and see a beautiful view of the city.

During November, it is recommended that you visit museums as they are closer to each other and there are fewer people. During this time, there are no lines in museums as well.

If you love traveling during holidays and want to stay near the Christmas markets but still enjoy all of Germany, then Munich is your answer! During November, shops start setting up their holiday decorations including trees and lights; it’s a beautiful sight.

Shopping lovers should try going to some Christmas markets as well. There are many in the city, including one that is at Marienplatz Square, where you can get souvenirs from the whole family! Holiday markets are fun no matter what time of year it is.

Munich is a fantastic city for experiencing Germany and seeing Christmas!

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November: Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is Sweden’s capital and the largest city in Scandinavia. Stockholm is also home to many national institutions, such as the Swedish Royal Court of Appeals, the National Library of Sweden, and the Swedish Academy which gives out Nobel Prizes each year. Stockholm is a popular destination for tourists due to its rich history and beautiful architecture.


Stockholm’s weather is pretty chilly in November, with the temperature ranging from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it one of the great places to visit in Europe in November.


Stockholm has many sightseeing opportunities for you to explore! You should also visit restaurants such as Nystekt Strömming, which is located in Gamla Stan (Old Town). For more history, visit the Old Town in Stockholm and see places such as Riddarholmen Church, where you can find a crypt that holds many of Sweden’s monarchs. 

If you wish to explore nature, then travel to Skansen Open-Air Museum. You can also visit Drottningholm Palace which is home to Swedish royalty!

Stockholm is very beautiful and exciting to visit during the holidays!

Rome Italy
Rome Italy

Rome, Italy 

Rome is a city of deep history, with remnants from its early days still standing. It’s also a city of beautiful architecture and wonderful food. Traveling to Rome during the winter months can be an amazing experience for any traveler!


Rome is a city that has four seasons, and November falls into the cold season. The temperature can range from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Rome has many sights to see and things to do. During this time of year, you should visit the Forum Romanum and Piazza Venezia. You can also enjoy shopping at Via del Corso street and going to Trastavere, which is located in the medieval center of Rome.

And everyone knows the classic landmarks to visit such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Vatican City.

If you like the outdoors, make sure to go to Villa Borghese. The park is located in Rome and it was built in the 16th century; many famous people have visited this park! If you love art, then visit Galleria Borghese. You should also visit Piazza Navona during your trip! 

Madrid Spain
Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Travelers who enjoy exploring cities with rich history will love Madrid. The city is a mix of old and new, with medieval architecture still standing alongside modern buildings.

The best time to visit Madrid is during November when you can see all four seasons in one day! In November there are no lines at museums or restaurants because people aren’t traveling as much during this season.


The weather in Madrid is very mild year-round. Between November and April, the average temperature ranges from 46 degrees Fahrenheit to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


There are many sights to see and things to do in Madrid.

If you enjoy culture, then explore Madrid and visit places such as the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía which is home to modern art, or the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza which is a private museum that both houses old pieces and has work by modern artists too!

You can also enjoy shopping at Paseo de la Castellana street for designer brands and going to Retiro park which is an urban park where you can walk around and relax.

For more history, visit the Palacio Real which was originally built for King Philip II. The palace is a mixture of Neoclassical, Baroque, and Mannerism styles.

And you should visit Parque del Retiro which is the city’s biggest park with more than 16 acres! 

If you love nature, then take a day trip to Parque de El Capricho. This is one of the best parks in the world, and you can spend all day walking around and taking a break from the city. 

If you enjoy shopping for unique things on vacation, then visit El Rastro flea market which is one of the biggest markets in Madrid!

For more history, visit Plaza Mayor which was built during Spain’s Golden Age. The square was originally built to be a bull ring but now it is used for concerts and festivals. 

If you enjoy art, then visit Museo Nacional Del Prado which is the largest museum in Spain! It houses many famous paintings like Las Meninas by Velázquez, Guernica by Goya, and La Maja Desnuda by Goya.

You should also visit Plaza de España which was built in 1929 and saw a lot of activity during the Spanish Civil War. 

Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city in Spain that has over 2 million people. It’s an excellent place to visit with beaches, mountains, and history. The best time of year to visit is during the winter months between November and April when there are no lines at museums or restaurants because travel is slower during this time.


The weather in Barcelona can be warm or cold depending on the month you’re visiting. In November, it averages 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Sightseeing in Barcelona is plentiful.

Begin at Casa Batllo, where you can see the beautiful architecture of this house and learn more about how it has changed over time. If you’re looking for a day trip, take a train to the city of Girona where you can visit various landmarks or enjoy wine tasting!

And of course, no matter your interests, make sure to head to Sagrada Familia – one of the most popular sites in all of Barcelona. The basilica will inspire awe with its soaring towers and beautiful stonework.

If you want to explore castles and medieval times, then head to Montserrat, the mountain range with monasteries and castles in Catalonia.

If you’d like to see more of Barcelona, then check out Park Guell or Parc de la Ciutadella which are both beautiful parks near the city center. 

If you want to learn about Picasso, then visit Museu Picasso which is a museum that focuses on Picasso’s life and art. 

For more beaches, then head to Sitges! The city is known for its beautiful coastline and lively nightlife. 

For a day trip, take a bus or train to Tarragona where you can visit the Roman amphitheater which is still used today as well as the ancient walls and other historic sights. 

Amsterdam Netherlands
Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a very unique city with an interesting history and culture.

It’s known for its canals, beautiful architecture, tulips, and museums. Amsterdam has a lot of opportunities to explore the outdoors as well as visit historical landmarks. The weather in Amsterdam ranges from cold winters to warm summers so it will be easy to find activities that suit your preferences. You’ll also enjoy great food while you’re here! The best time of year to visit is during November when there are fewer tourists than other times of the year which means you’ll have more space on top of all the season changes!


The weather in Amsterdam in November is a mix of cold and warm days. It averages 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you’re traveling in the winter months, then it’s best to start your sightseeing early in the day before it gets dark out.

One of the best places to go is Museumplein which has many museums and is right near the canal, so you’ll be able to get some great views! You can also take a boat tour which will give you a lot more history of the city!

If you’re looking for art and architecture, then you must head to Rijksmuseum where there are paintings from throughout history including works from Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh.

If you’re interested in smoking pot legally then you have to visit Vondelpark because there’s even a coffee shop with cannabis on the menu!

If you want to do something a little different then head over to De Wallen which is Amsterdam’s red-light district.

For history, you can visit Anne Frank House and learn about the young girl who hid from Nazis until she was discovered and taken to a concentration camp. You’ll also be able to see where her family lived and hide.

For beautiful beaches, then head to Zandvoort which is only about a 45-minute train ride away from Amsterdam. Another beach you should go to if you’re planning on visiting the city of Haarlem is Spaarndammerstraat because it has calm waters and an amusement park nearby!

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November: Prague Czech Republic
Prague Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

In the past decade, Prague has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

While there are many other places to visit during November, it is worth spending some time here as well.

Prague offers a unique mix of old and new – from historical castles to modern architecture by world-famous architects like Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel – not to mention its legendary beer scene!

It’s also one of the cheapest cities in Europe for travelers on a budget.


The weather in Prague typically gets colder than most other places during November. The average temperature on a day in Prague is 40 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s normally very cloudy. It rains more often than it does here meaning that the temperatures will be cold and wet.


Prague is one of the only cities where you’ll find Old Town SquareCharles Bridge, and St Vitus Cathedral all within walking distance of each other! Just outside this area, you’ll also find the Lennon Wall which is covered in graffiti because people from all over communist Czechoslovakia wanted to express themselves there without getting caught.

If you want to learn about World War II then head to Terezin Memorial which was a concentration camp for Czech Jews. It’s a small town with just over 250 buildings which were built during the war and today, it is also an important memorial for those who died in them.

If you’re interested in art then head to The National Gallery where they have many great pieces from artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, and Cezanne.

If you want to get away from the city for a day then head to Konopiste Castle. It isn’t in great condition anymore but many people still live there so it’s worth checking out!

Enjoy your trip

Europe is a continent that has so much to offer in terms of culture, history, and the arts. There are so many wonderful places to visit in Europe in November. From visiting the Louvre to exploring the ancient ruins of Rome, there is something for everyone! Whether you’re only visiting one destination or every city on the list, you’ll make memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy your trip!

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