Traveling to Japan for the first time

Traveling To Japan For The First Time

Japan is a wonderful country that offers something for everyone. From the modern, bustling cities to the serene simplicity of rural life and everything in between, you can find If you are planning on traveling to Japan for the first time and want some helpful advice before your trip then you’ve come to the right place. This post will be your guide on how to plan your trip so you can make the most out of this amazing country!

Why visit Japan?

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world and for good reason. With a rich history that dates back nearly 3,000 years, you’ll find an endless amount of things to do there. From bustling metropolises to cuddly farms with sweet treats like green tea ice cream or red bean soup, Japan has something for everyone. 

japanese woman in japan
Japanese woman in ceremonial dress

What the culture is like in Japan?

Japanese culture is very different from other countries, which is something that Japan has in common with many Asian cultures. Japan’s culture is influenced by its cultural history and a sense of unity as one person. For example, the Japanese will often bow or say Konnichiwa when they greet each other to show respect.

Japan does not have just one major religion or language but several religions co-existing peacefully alongside Japanese customs. Like bowing before you enter an important building or removing your shoes at the door while visiting someone’s home. It can be quite confusing if you’re unaware of these things ahead of time but don’t worry! Just keep an open mind.

The best time to visit Japan

The best time to visit Japan is during Japan’s cherry blossom season, which is usually in the spring. Some of Japan’s most famous tourist attractions are illuminated during this period. There are many festivals and activities happen around Tokyo to celebrate these beautiful blossoms.

eating food in japan for the first time
Typical Japanese seafood

What food should I eat?

The best food to try while visiting Japan would be sushi or ramen noodles! The Japanese cuisine has been influenced by other cultures from all over the world so one can find dishes like curry rice, as well as Hawaiian pizza! Sushi is also one of the most popular foods in the country. Sushi is a type of food that is typically served with sticky rice and fish. Japan has many different kinds to try like squid or sweet shrimp.

What should I pack?

Packing can sometimes be a daunting task. Some people preparing months before their trip while others wait until they get on the plane (and then regret not bringing something). Travelers who visit Japan should remember that Japan has colder winters than most other places in Asia so make sure you dress warmly if you’re going during these months. Japan also has a rainy season in the summer, so raincoats are necessary at times as well.

You should dress as though it is autumn year-round. Japan has four seasons, with the most pronounced difference in temperature between their hot and cold days compared to other countries in Asia.

Where to stay while traveling in Japan?

While traveling in Japan you have several options for accommodation. Japan has traditional ryokan which are small Japanese inns that provide guests with a private tatami mat room and futon. Japan also offers more modern hotels, and hostels so you can decide between these two depending on your budget. The average nightly hotel cost in Tokyo is about $150 per night and the average nightly hostel costs about $27 per night. Japan also has many rental apartments that can be booked on Airbnb, but make sure to check Japan’s ‘no smoking policy before you arrive!

How long should I stay there for my first trip?

The amount of time you should spend in Japan depends largely on how much you want to see during your visit. If this is your first trip then at least five days per city would be ideal, but if you are more familiar with the culture then three days will suffice.

traveling on the street in Japan
Street in Japan

Is it easy to travel in Japan?

Traveling in Japan for the first time can be quite easy if you know what to expect. Japan is a safe country and the people are very friendly so don’t worry about being in danger or getting lost! The language barrier can also be overcome with just a little effort on your part. Japan has many international airports, but one of them would most likely suit your needs better than others; it’s entirely up to you which route to take during this first trip.

Cultural tips for traveling in Japan

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, and Japan is known for its patience and politeness. This culture may differ from what people are used to, so if you want to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable moments while traveling in Japan it’s best not to be rude by eating loudly on the train, taking up too much space, or cutting someone off when they’re speaking (or even stepping into their bubble).

Japan has a reputation for being very safe which means that travelers should feel confident exploring Japan without worrying about crime rates or violence. Japan also has one of the lowest traffic fatality rates in the world with only 337 deaths reported last year! That number is astonishingly low compared with other countries like China where over 25 thousand people died in traffic accidents just last year.

Car on the street in japan

How to get around in Japan

Getting around in Japan is easy! Japan has a very well-maintained public transportation system with trains and buses that make it easy to get around the country. Japan also offers several apps for travelers, such as Japan Guide or Japan Travel planner which can be downloaded on your phone before traveling!

traveling to mount fuji in japan
Mount Fuji

What are some interesting destinations?


Tokyo is Japan’s capital and largest city with over 13 million people living there. Japan’s most important city is not only Japan’s largest but also one of the world’s busiest cities. It boasts some of Japan’s top attractions such as Tokyo Skytree, Sensoji Temple, and Meiji Shrine. Some things to do in Tokyo include going to an izakaya for dinner, visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market, visiting the hot springs outside of the city center and exploring Japan’s electronics district Akihabara.


This ancient capital was Japan’s seat of power for more than a thousand years. The temples at this UNESCO World Heritage Site are incredible to see in person! There are many beautiful things to do here like visiting Kiyomizudera Temple or admiring the Japanese Maples from Autumn to Springtime when they turn their leaves brilliant red colors! Kyoto has been ranked on multiple ‘Best Places To Live’ lists due to its stunning architecture and rich history so it is truly an amazing destination that

Kyoto was Japan’s capital from the year 1868 until it moved to Tokyo in 1893. It features Japan’s last remaining ancient imperial palace complex as well as its most famous temple: Kiyomizu-Dera. The city also houses other attractions such as Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Fushimi Inari Shrine, and Higashi Honganji Temple which date back to the Middle Ages! There are so many great things for travelers in Japan to see and do, but these places should be on your list if you’re planning on going there.


Nara Japan’s historical capital during the Heian Period and is home to many cultural heritage sites. Travelers should take their time exploring Nara Japan, as there are lots of interesting things to see like Todaiji Temple or going on a hike through ancient cedar forests!


The southernmost island in Japan has much more foreign culture than some people would expect. There have been various influences that come down from its history with Okinawa. It was also an important trading port for foreigners which even led to it being called the gateway to Japan by outsiders at one point because travelers could get goods here before they can enter other cities elsewhere in Japan. The city of Fukuoka is Kyushu’s largest metropolitan area and houses notable landmarks like Fukuoka Tower and the Hakata ferry terminal.


This city is Japan’s third-largest metropolitan area with a population of over 18 million people! Osaka Japan has been known for its culinary innovation thanks to chefs who have used their creativity when it comes to cooking delicious dishes that are heavily influenced by other countries. This includes China, Korea, and even Italy (via pizza)! Travelers can eat well in Japan as they will find many restaurants here which serve what could be considered fusion cuisine from all around the world. From sushi rolls to curry rice, there are also plenty of comforting foods you can enjoy on your trip!


Hiroshima Japan is Japan’s second-largest city with a population of around one million people. The Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima Japan has been left untouched to serve as a memorial for the victims who were killed by the atomic bomb that was dropped there in August 1945. It features many different monuments and structures including the Children’s Peace Monument which commemorates kids who died from injuries or other illnesses caused by radiation exposure due to this event.

travel to mount fuji in japan
Mount Fuji in the morning

Mount Fuji

This majestic mountain is Japan’s highest mountain and while it may not be the tallest, its majestic presence makes up for this. Mount Fuji was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013 due to its cultural significance with multiple religious statues on top of it!

Izu Peninsula

The Izu Peninsula Japan is Japan’s most south-eastern region. This peninsula is known for its long stretch of coastline which features many bays and inlets that are lined with beaches as well as coral reefs!


Sapporo Japan is Japan’s fifth-largest city and the capital of Hokkaido. It is Japan’s northernmost metro area and it was historically used for its natural resources like coal, as well as agriculture with plenty of farmland around this region. This makes Sapporo Japan a great place to go if you’re looking for outdoor activities such as skiing in winter or visiting beautiful gardens during other seasons!


Okinawa Japan is Japan’s southernmost prefecture and has a lot of foreign culture due to its history with other countries. It was invaded by the United States in 1945, which had major impacts on this region such as it is home to many military bases that lasted for decades after World War II ended. It is also Japan’s most important gateway into East Asia!

Tokushima Prefecture

Located south of Kagawa Prefecture and northeast of Kochi prefecture, Tokushima Japan is Japan’s smallest prefecture with a population of around 700,000 people. This island features the second-largest Buddhist temple in Japan: Kotokuin Temple which houses an enormous statue of Amida Buddha that stands over 40m tall!


Nagasaki is Japan’s third-largest city and the capital of Nagasaki Prefecture. The city was originally just an isolated town until it became a major center for Christianity in Japan! It has also been home to one of Japan’s largest Chinatowns which houses many Chinese restaurants, shops as well as cultural centers that are frequented by tourists from all around the world.

Traveling to tokyo for the first time
Tokyo streets at night

Traveling to Japan for the first time: You can do it!

The culture of Japan is a must for any traveler to experience. With so many things to see and do, you will never be bored while exploring the country. Explore Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka with these travel tips from this blog post! If you have already been fortunate enough to visit this beautiful country, hopefully, this post provided more activities for you to plan during your next trip. If you’re planning your first trip, make sure not to miss the best of what this amazing country has to offer. Thankfully you don’t have to worry much about personal safety, as Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. Please make sure to respect the cultural differences you will experience when visiting Japan. Try to meet new people, especially if you’re traveling solo. The rich culture, modern cleanliness and delicious food Japan has to offer are some of the best reasons for traveling here and it’ll be hard not to want more when you return!

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